Plastic was meant to last forever.
It was never meant to be used once and tossed.
Plastic never biodegrades – it just breaks down into microplastics that end up everywhere.

  • We're drinking & eating microplastics

    The average person ingests a credit card's worth of plastic every week. That's right, every week.

  • We're harming wildlife

    Plastic pollution kills millions of animals every year on land and sea, usually by entanglement or starvation from ingesting plastic.

  • We're destroying the atmosphere

    Plastics are petroleum-based and are made by fossil fuel companies. Their business plan is to exponentially increase plastic production.

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We believe in rational hope and taking action

Join us on our quest for low-waste haircare that's better for your hair and the planet.

Actions of all sizes add up to big changes.

meet sustainable haircare

We're taking action to make a big difference for the earth.

Here's how we're avoiding plastic and creating sustainable haircare:



We use aluminum bottles. Unlike plastic, aluminum is infinitely recyclable, feels great, and has one of the highest recyclability rates in the U.S.

✅ Infinitely refillable

✅ No single-use plastic

✅ Infinitely recyclable



Forget plastic poly mailers. We ship our trial size and refill pack in curbside-recyclable kraft envelopes.

✅ Curbside recyclable

✅ No toxic ink

✅ No single-use plastic

✅ 100% recycled content, 90% post-consumer content



Our boxes are made of FSC-Certified corrugated cardboard, printed with non-toxic ink, and sealed with paper tape.
✅ FSC-certified corrugated cardboard
✅ Curbside recyclable

✅ No toxic ink

✅ No single-use plastic



Our refill pouches are zero-waste and 100% home-compostable.

✅ 100% compostable

✅ No toxic ink

✅ No single-use plastic


Traditional shampoos are up to 90% water. That's a lot of weight and space for something you can add in the shower! ModernKind's waterless shampoo reduces emissions by 90%.

✅ 90% less emissions

✅ Travel-friendly & TSA-approved

✅ Creamy lather

Clean Ingredients

Kick cheap, harsh ingredients out of your routine! We use high-quality, vegan ingredients like coconut and aloe vera that are better for your hair and the planet.

✅ Vegan

✅ Plant-based

✅ Gentle & effective

Our Ingredients

Transparency Matters

We're doing everything we can to reduce plastic waste, but some plastic is unavoidable.

We are temporarily using labels that contain a small amount of plastic necessary to be waterproof in wet, humid showers. Non-waterproof labels break down rapidly in the shower, contaminating the water and creating an entirely different sustainability problem.