The Problem

After traveling around the U.S. and getting tired of liquid shampoo spills and harsh TSA rules, ModernKind founder Maria Thompson set out to create a travel-friendly shampoo that was better for the earth, too.

"I became frustrated with how hard it was to travel with liquid shampoo, and how unsustainable it is, too."

So, she set out to create a travel-friendly shampoo.

I could no longer ignore how frustrating single-use plastic shampoo was while traveling. From spills in my luggage to anxiety about TSA and plastic waste, I set out to make a real difference. That's when ModernKind was born.

Introducing Travel-Friendly Shampoo Powder

ModernKind is a travel-friendly shampoo without plastic or harsh ingredients.

Maria spent a year working with haircare experts to create a perfect shampoo formula that’s travel-friendly and better for your hair and the planet. She makes the powder herself in small batches to create a high-quality, plastic-free shampoo routine.

ModernKind puts sustainability at the forefront of every decision without compromising on quality, convenience, or ingredients.


To end single-use plastic waste while traveling with refillable haircare in sustainable packaging.

Cleaner Hair, Cleaner Earth

Consciously Clean Ingredients

  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

    A mild cleanser made from coconut to wash away dirt and oil

  • Oat Flour

    Conditions hair and adds protein to promote healthy hair growth

  • Sorbitol

    Moisturizes hair to lock in hydration all day

  • Aloe Vera

    Moisturizes & nourishes scalp to promote healthy hair

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